December 19, 2016 Harvey Helms 0Comment

Okay Girls, after admitting my Celebrity Apprentice guilty pleasure earlier this week,  I’ve decided as your  Cyber Main Gay that we need to super dish! There’s so much dishilicious gossip out there right now for us to sink our teeth into! I  want to know what you think! Who do you love? What star is making you crazy? Who are you sick  of hearing about? Who is your TV crush? Who do you feel sorry for? Is the Glee writing getting boring or is it just me?

Ready? 123-DISH!!!! Let’s do men first!  My TV crush?  Well there are two! Mike Rowe, on TLC’s “Dirty Jobs”, and Nathan Fillion, on  ABC’s “Castle”. Hunky and Yummy, don’t you think? My man crushes are really fueled by their charm and humor.  Although Mike Rowe has the bluest eyes ever! Remember girls that when handsome fades, smart and funny remain!  My girl crushes? Amy Poehler on NBC’s Park & Recreation and Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order SVU.  The same reasons as the guys! I’d choose funny every time but I love how assertive Mariska can be! Meow!!  Who do I love?  The future Princess of England  Kate Middleton! I will be in front of the TV at 4am with my crown on and plenty of tissue to watch the Royal Wedding!  I’m so impressed how Kate has handled herself under all that pressure.  Not just the paparazzi, but having  Queen Elizabeth as your Mother in law?  Kate’s  fashion choices have been beautiful!  The wedding gown designer is a secret but I secretly hope that it’s the late Alexander McQueen.  He was truly gifted. I hope that her marriage to Prince William is one where the fairy tale truly is ” Happily Ever After.”  Who’s making me crazy and who am I tired of hearing about can be put together.  Charlie Sheen. I miss “Two and a Half Men.”  He’s a great actor. When he’s playing himself and “Winning” it makes me crazy.  Or is it the redundant media coverage of Charlie that makes me crazy?  OOPS! I’m the media too. Oh that Charlie Sheen! He made me write about him!  It’s probably the “Tiger Blood. “Maybe I’m the one who’s crazy!

Who do I feel sorry for? Lindsey Lohan and Kirsty Alley.  Now hear me out! I know some of you are going to say “Lindsey will get what she deserves” and “Kirsty lost all that weight on Jenny Craig and gained it all back?” Lindsey seemed very sincere and remorseful on Jay Leno. She wants another chance. I guess Kirsty does too!  Putting herself out there every week on Dancing with the Stars? !  I wish them luck! I can’t help it! I love a comeback story.

Okay Girls! I’m all dished out! Let me hear from you! Who are your top picks?  Can’t wait to dish!



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