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Holi Festival

Girls, I’ve recently been to so many fabulous parties!  It must be in the water!  All my “Harvey” parties are orchestrated by the yummy socialite Kathi Lutton and event planner Kaydee Castricone! This dynamic duo knows how to throw a beauty bash! The girls always have a blast.  Dinner last Friday was beyond delicious with food by Henry[link here], girlicious cocktails,  and for fashion fun, I had all the girls bring clothes to do a fab “Keep or Swap” event!  You can do it too!  Throw a girl party and have everyone bring clothes that  they haven’t  worn or  don’t know what to wear it with! Does it look good on them?  Should they keep or swap to a BFF!  Most fun ever!{Party pics here]  Now I’ve also attended some parties recently that were…..well, let’s just say it was like “Here’s a glass of champagne”, followed by some boring cocktail chatter, and a quick exit.  Been to a party like that? People standing around just looking at each other?  My pretties there is no need to ever host a party like this!  In a recent column I wrote about the best special event I’ve ever attended.  Jillian Manus and Alan Salzman’s Valentine’s Ball “Channeling Love”, with all proceeds going to the Stanford Cancer Center.  If you missed it here’s the link:

This unbelievable event was dreamed up by Jillian Manus and special event guru Robert Fountain.  Now girls you know I always go the world’s best experts to share advice and options to make your life fabulous so I had lunch with the handsome Robert to get the skinny on how to be the hostess with the mostest!  I met Robert at his gorgeous design studio in the heart of San Francisco’s Potrero Hill design district.  As I shook his hand I immediately  loved his urban confidence, but the moment he flashed his million dollar smile and began speaking with his charming Thomason, Georgia accent I melted.  Add incredibly handsome to this and you have dynamite!  Love at first sight.  Being southern myself I felt like we were kindred spirits.  We walked up the hill to the chic bistro Chez Papa for a delightful lunch.  Forever the gentleman, he pulled my chair out for me.  Before I go any further, he has a wonderful partner named Lino.  Girls-Why are the good ones always taken?  How did he become Robert Fountain?  Great story!  He started designing and selling handbags to his Mother’s friends at 6 years old.  Fast forward to General Manager of Podesta Baldocchi, the nation’s oldest floral design studio and you have the creative experience of a true genius.  As fate would have it, he produced his first large special event for the  1998 San Francisco Ballet Opening Gala and the rest is history, producing 150 special events a year with a celebrity client list a mile long. He gets his inspiration everywhere including editorial photography and such fashion greats as Tom Ford and Vivienne Westwood.  Robert has very high standards. I asked him which event was his favorite?  He replied “The last one I did!” True creative.  He said “It’s theater! Robert’s biggest gift is his intuition about people and environments.  Ask any of his clients and nothing but love and admiration  pour from their mouths! Robert also gives back to the community through the Trevor Project that supports a national toll free 24 hour hot line for gay youth. If you’d like to get involved:

I asked Robert for some advice to help us throw fabulous parties.  He simply said “Throw the best party you can afford!  If you’re on a limited budget don’t do a big dinner! Delicious cocktails and lots of appetizers always make people happy.  Add a WOW factor! It’s always about the food, site and entertainment. Add something interactive like games or “Theater’ to have your guests interact.  Use your imagination.  If it’s a larger party, have a surprise around every turn! Here’s the link for more info:

Thanks Robert! So Gorgeous no more parties with people just standing around looking at each other! Want to play Twister?  Right foot green, Left hand red?



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