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Maybe it’s just summer or the fact that more people are taking vacations right now, but I’m receiving lots of disgruntled texts from some of my girls who are on holiday with their current Mr. Right. And yes, many are married. “He’s a bully! We only do what he wants!” or my favorite text “We flew 8000 miles so he could watch sports and drink beer. We could have saved the money because that’s what he does at home!” I feel for you sister. With gays it’s different. We go on cruises or to Palm Springs. If there’s Neiman Marcus or a fabulous designer outlet mall connected to a martini bar, you’ll get no complaints from us.  In search of miraculous advice, I contacted a beautiful couple, who blog about their travels to faraway lands, exotic venues or in relationship terms “A lot of we time, very little me time!” How can couples in love travel well without wanting to kill each other? Well my pretties! Meet Asaf and Ansley Braverman. Their blog “Road less Traveled” is a true gem! Full of info on all things travel. Thinking about planning a fabulous trip? Need ideas about where to go and what to see while you’re there? Check out their blog! They want to know the places you want to see! They actually answer their own e mail and social media!


I met them for an espresso and cut right to the chase!” How do you two travel so well together? They looked at each other and smiled. “Harvey, we love each other and know that the best relationships take work and effort. We’ve discovered 3 rules to keep the road more traveled a happy place.


  1. If we find ourselves homesick or worn out, no matter where we are in the world, we find a 5 star hotel and order a pancake breakfast. Even some places where there aren’t 5 stars, we still find pancakes! We automatically feel better!


  1. Every day, start with a familiar breakfast. Our bodies are less flexible with change in the morning. This can make you cranky. Asaf loves coffee and he makes sure that when he travels he has his favorite with him!


  1. Having the aim to find what is unique in each place. The Braverman’s have a fab philosophy around shopping! “Shop and finance your shopping!” “In some of these exotic places we buy trinkets, two at a time. One to keep and one to sell back home. You become a great negotiator by haggling in bazaars across the world!” So smart!

I love it! Pancakes, coffee and shopping!  It’s so simple yet so brilliant! We can do this girls! Before our next trips let’s check in with Asaf and Ansley!  Finally though I did ask Kaydee and Andy Castricone how they handle traveling with 4 children. These two will throw their kids in that minivan for an 8-hour drive to Disneyland 6 times a year! I said “The crying, screaming, pooping, yelling, and fighting. How do you do it?” These two looked at me, and said in unison, “You just go with it.” God Bless them!

So there you go darlings!

Happy Vacationing!





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