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Yes ladies! It’s that time of year again. Although winter is in high gear, you’re all very aware somewhere in the back of your subconscious that spring is just seconds away. As your Cyber Main Gay, it’s my yearly duty to point out to you that the warm weather will be here soon enough and it will be time for swim suits……and yes girls………this year’s biggest trend………SHORT SHORTS.  Before you down a whole bag of Oreo’s from the stress of it all, I’m here to give you hope. You can do this. I’ll tackle swim suits in another column to avoid any fashion nervous break downs.  First of all, they’re re not necessarily your MAMA’S DAISY DUKES!  These new modern SS’S come in variety of lengths, fabrics, textures, solids and prints so that you can participate in this trend. Be confident! Legs definitely are the feature focus so if you got them flaunt them. If you have leg issues like varicose veins, the dreaded cellulite, or super skinny legs then you’re in good company. Most women have some issue in this area. A fresh waxing plus some self-tanning cream instantly gives your legs a lift. You can do squats at the gym and hide veins with waterproof leg makeup like Dermablend as well. It’s up to you!

As far as HARVEY’S SHORT SHORT RULES, I only have three:


  1. If your ass is hanging out, they’re too short. Unless you’re in private with your significant other doing some fabulous moves on your newly installed stripper pole that Santa brought you for Christmas. Otherwise don’t wear them.


2.Short Shorts with pleats never work. They always make you look heavier and hippier or like the girl on the golf course that we can never understand. Is she or isn’t she? So I don’t care if manufacturers offer these pleated nightmares in a store near you! Back away from the pleated shorts!


  1. Shoes with Short Shorts. Flats for day, Wedge or heel for night. This always assures you that they can be appropriate. The only places this does not apply is Miami and Los Angeles. You girls always do what you want any way!


Here’s my early pick of short short cuteness from J Crew! ] link her] For girls on a budget, keep your eyes on Target! Next week I’ll be tackling the swim suit fun we’re getting ready to have.

Put that Oreo down immediately and go wax!



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