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As your Cyber Main Gay, you know I love a great party!  I’m so excited to emcee a “Girls Night Out with Betty Confidential!”  Hosted by Betty Confidential’s CEO Deborah Perry Piscione, with the proceeds going to Drake and Dominick/AVID

This evening is going to be a beauty blast!  Dr Vic Narukar will be demonstrating the latest non evasive skin treatments plus a free Latisse to make our eye lashes more glamorous! Can’t wait!

Dr Narukar, whose practice is  in San Francisco, is known as the “Smart Woman’s Dermatologist.” I had the chance to have a beauty chat and got the skinny on the latest and greatest. On a personal note, he loves animals and is a huge supporter of the ASPCA .  He’s also a engaged with Project New Start, to give kids a second chance at living fulfilling lives! You have to love a man who helps animal and children!

From a medical perspective, Dr Narukar is passionate about embracing techniques and materials that are on the cutting edge!  He’s positioned perfectly in the Silicon Valley, which is the incubator for pharmaceutical companies and tech innovations that help with overall image and  well being!  What I love about Dr Narukar is that he truly understands the anatomy of the face and neck, and never  gives an unnatural or “Over Filled” look!  You know what I’m talking about girls!  He told me “It’s not the filler, it’s the person doing the filling that makes the difference! ”  He strives to achieve a natural look-Less is more!  If you’re considering having any procedure  performed, find a Board Certified Dermatologist in your area.  A great resource for this is New Beauty Magazine.


Plastic surgery has seen major improvements in the last 5 years.  Dr Narukar believes in the ‘Holy Trinity”-Botox , Juvederm, followed with Thermage skin tightening and Fraxel Laser resurfacing. All non evasive with minimal down time!  This series of treatments relaxes fine lines, tightens and firms problem areas, improves skin texture and clarity, erasing any sun damage or acne scarring that makes us appear older.   The days of having to go “under the knife” and hide away for a month are over!  This new approach leaves you looking refreshed and honestly years younger.  If you’re seeking major structural improvements like upper eye lids, sagging jaw line, or you are thinking about a brow or face lift, these  evasive procedures have moved light years ahead as well.  Here’s a link to start your journey if you’re considering taking this path!


As a beauty junkie you know I love skin care!  Remember that a face lift can’t bring radiance back!  Dr Narukar is a believer in skin care!  His top picks are the tried and true Retin-A  and the fabulous TNS serum!

Retin-A is still the gold standard in anti-aging for skin’s that can tolerate it.  If you’re sensitive, Poetry in Lotion is a nice Retinol alternative!  Most importantly, Dr Narukar recommends a baseline skin exam  once a year especially if you’re at high risk.  Melanoma is serious girls and I want you safe and protected!







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