My fabulous readers & fellow beauty junkies! Thank you for all the love you gave my first book BLUSH: THE UNBELIEVABLY ABSURD DIARY OF A GAY BEAUTY JUNKIE! It was beyond wonderful meeting everyone at my book events! Now I know that for the past 2 years, you’ve ALL had a bone to pick with me. Everyone lovingly screaming on Facebook & Twitter the same burning question: WHAT HAPPENS TO HARVEY! HURRY UP AND WRITE THE NEXT BOOK!

Well, just to explain my tardiness, I’ve been super busy with the following items on my bucket list:

Finishing the screenplay for BLUSH, which of course will lead to an Oscar nomination, where I’ll wear Alexander McQueen and attend the Governor’s Ball with Ellen DeGeneres and Portia.
Launching my own cosmetic & skincare brand. Yes! Harvey Helms Beauty is up and running! Natural gorgeousness for ALL women everywhere.   But before we get to the subject at hand, I’d like you to know a few things. I’ve once again changed some names, dates, and places to keep everything on the up & up! Like most of you, I’ve had my “Devil Wears Prada”, Miranda Priestly characters, that make recounting my life story more interesting. What you’re about to read transpired several years ago and doesn’t reflect my current moods or attitudes. I have the utmost respect, and as I look back, a fondness for all the corporations, and even most of the people I’ve been associated with. Life changes, people change, and yes, I’ve changed too. I hope that everyone’s well and prospering, where ever you find yourselves on this planet. If you’ve made your exit to other parts of the Universe, then I look forward to meeting again in other worldly circumstances.

Now! Let’s get to it! Here’s a quick gay recap so that we’re all on the same page.