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Is the clutter in your life making you fat? Do you face your stuff or stuff your face? Find out!


Hi Ladies! So your Cyber Main Gay has been very busy with the NEW “ASK HARVEY” advice column for Betty. Look for the first video installment next week! Thanks for all the facebook messages and twitter drama! So many questions to choose from. I’ll try to get to them all. In the mean time, I’ve come across a new idea about losing weight. Like many of you, I’ve tried every diet on the market. I’ve decided that beauty is not a number. Not your age or dress size. It’s about finding a healthy weight and a radiant complexion!


While pondering this question, I was so fortunate to meet Dorothy Breininger, one of  the expert organizers on A&E’s Emmy-nominated TV series “Hoarders,” and discover her new book, STUFF YOUR FACE OR FACE YOUR STUFF: The Organized Approach to Lose Weight by Decluttering Your Life which just hit May 7th.
Dorothy recently lost 75lbs. Her new book focuses on getting healthy via the same de-cluttering and organizing mindset she brings to her work with clients and on the show. Dorothy talks about her journey a bit in this wonderful book trailer:
Here is a bit more about Dorothy’s story:

As one of the stars of a successful TV show, a three-time recipient of NAPO’s “Most Innovative Organizer Award” and a high-energy, sought-after national speaker, Dorothy Breininger’s career was soaring. Yet underneath her sunny disposition Dorothy carried around a secret shame of her own–food addiction. It wasn’t until the third season of “Hoarders” as she was talking to people with hoarding issues that she had an epiphany. Just as these people were buying, collecting, and hoarding stuff to fill a void, lessen anxiety, and reconnect with happier times in life–so was she. But instead of hoarding possessions Dorothy was hoarding fat on her body and it was making her very unhappy. It wasn’t until she realized that she had to tackle her demons head-on that Dorothy learned to face her own clutter, and lost 75 pounds in the process.


Pretty amazing! My big gay life is full of over whelming clutter! Dorothy helped me see my clutter has categories- Emotional, Physical and Environmental clutter. Who knew? Stack of unpaid bills? Clothes everywhere? Toxic relationship[s]? Sound familiar? In the US, dieting is going down and weight is going up. Are we all so stressed and overwhelmed?I know for myself that a box of Chees-Its is constantly calling my name. Moderation is obviously not my middle name!


Check out Dorothy’s book and see if it applies to you! If not you, we all have girlfriends with clutter drama! I did and I’m glad to say that I’ve lost 28 pounds. The funny thing is that I’m finding more happiness too. Thanks Dorothy!


Look for ASK HARVEY next week!




Yes ladies! It’s that time of year again. Although winter is in high gear, you’re all very aware somewhere in the back of your subconscious that spring is just seconds away. As your Cyber Main Gay, it’s my yearly duty to point out to you that the warm weather will be here soon enough and it will be time for swim suits……and yes girls………this year’s biggest trend………SHORT SHORTS.  Before you down a whole bag of Oreo’s from the stress of it all, I’m here to give you hope. You can do this. I’ll tackle swim suits in another column to avoid any fashion nervous break downs.  First of all, they’re re not necessarily your MAMA’S DAISY DUKES!  These new modern SS’S come in variety of lengths, fabrics, textures, solids and prints so that you can participate in this trend. Be confident! Legs definitely are the feature focus so if you got them flaunt them. If you have leg issues like varicose veins, the dreaded cellulite, or super skinny legs then you’re in good company. Most women have some issue in this area. A fresh waxing plus some self-tanning cream instantly gives your legs a lift. You can do squats at the gym and hide veins with waterproof leg makeup like Dermablend as well. It’s up to you!

As far as HARVEY’S SHORT SHORT RULES, I only have three:


  1. If your ass is hanging out, they’re too short. Unless you’re in private with your significant other doing some fabulous moves on your newly installed stripper pole that Santa brought you for Christmas. Otherwise don’t wear them.


2.Short Shorts with pleats never work. They always make you look heavier and hippier or like the girl on the golf course that we can never understand. Is she or isn’t she? So I don’t care if manufacturers offer these pleated nightmares in a store near you! Back away from the pleated shorts!


  1. Shoes with Short Shorts. Flats for day, Wedge or heel for night. This always assures you that they can be appropriate. The only places this does not apply is Miami and Los Angeles. You girls always do what you want any way!


Here’s my early pick of short short cuteness from J Crew! ] link her] For girls on a budget, keep your eyes on Target! Next week I’ll be tackling the swim suit fun we’re getting ready to have.

Put that Oreo down immediately and go wax!



Life Without A Daily Shot Of Oprah?

For the last 25 years, there’s been a woman that we have quoted, admired and yes even some days idolized that is moving on. I know she’ll have  her OWN network but it sorts of feels like the loss of a sister who we could trust for everything from weight loss to the real celebrity dish. Yes my pretties for some reason I’m mourning Oprah!  I guess the biggest bummer is that I’ll never have the chance to be on her “Favorite Things” show! Like many of you, I dreamed of accidentally sitting in the audience to hear about “Menstrual cramps and how they can ruin your marriage!” , to be surprised to hear  Oprah scream PSYCHE! IT’S MY FAVORITE THINGS SHOW! After which we would all hyperventilate, throw up and leave Harpo Studios with a new car, a european cruise, Ralph Lauren Cashmere, and a year supply of Creme De La Mere! Now our dreams are dashed! Who will we watch now? Let’s look at our daytime alternatives! Just the girls! No Dr OZ or Dr Phil.

ELLEN– She’s my top pick because she’s funny and a great humanitarian. She’s also famous for her great give a ways! You never have to say Ellen’s last name to know which Ellen I’m speaking about. She has that in common with Oprah! Some days I get up and dance when she dances through her studio audience so I can count that as my cardio time too! ELLEN is definitely one stop shopping!

WENDY WILLIAMS– Love her too but disappointed with her performance on Dancing With The Stars.  I feel a little emotionally scarred after finding out that she’s a disco queen who can’t dance.  I’ll heal though because I felt the same way about Whitney Houston’s lack of grooving skills. Wendy gives good dish  so she’s definitely in the running!

TYRA BANKS- Gorgeous, smart woman who’s gotten better over the years. Just when you think you know Tyra, she switches it up leaving you stunned and breathless! Never count Miss Banks out!

There you have my top three picks Gorgeous! Let me know who you’d pick or if you have another fab TV Guru we should be checking out! Oprah is leaving such a big void that we may need to consider having two women to fill her shoes!

I miss Gail too!



The New IT Bags From Amsterdam! Meet Hester van Eeghen

All my girls know that as your Cyber Main Gay, I take the subject of accessories, very seriously. They can make or break any look. Especially when it comes to hand bags and totes, business or casual. I’m always on the hunt for the latest and greatest in work bags because so many of the accessories I see for women in the work place look….well….like a boring man should be carrying them. Many of my clients work in the legal profession so I’ve had to find options that are beautiful and functional,  while at the same time saying  “confidence and style “,without being over the top.  Fortunately for me I have global girlfriends! My friend Debbie Ruth, who I met through author and screen writer Tracey Jackson, introduced me to the new IT bags that are just beyond delicious1 Ladies! Meet Hester van Eeghen! The hot accessory guru from Amsterdam!  Here’s the Tea and Back story! About 7 years ago, Debbie was staying in a small chic hotel in Amsterdam, whose yummy gift shop was carrying Hester’s bags. Debbie was always on the hunt for great bags, especially for work and Voila! She found Hester! Needless to say, Debbie either made a trip once a year or had friends traveling stop in Amsterdam to bring her the latest and greatest. Fast forward, like so many successful women I know, Debbie knew that her love of these bags was also her business dream of a life time!  Debbie is now working with Hester to make these bags available in the US!


Who is this design wizard? Hester van Eeghen is regarded as one of the most influential Dutch designers of the century, with designs that are coveted globally with a cult like following! Made of the finest grade Italian leathers, HVE handbags are designed in Amsterdam and handcrafted in Italy by the most skilled and sought after hands in fashion!  Hester’s creations are characterized by architectural shapes, use of vibrant colors, and inventive functional systems. The design elements in her work are beauty, passion, shape, color, surprise, and exceptional quality. Fabulous!   Well ladies, there you have it! If any of you have discovered  other secret treasures please dish! We  all need to be in the  know! Also, if any of you are carrying any of those boring man bags I mentioned…well. You know what to do with them. Replace them with a HVE!



Star Jones VS NeNe Leakes? Celebrity Apprentice Divas Throw it Down!

I Know. I know.  The Celebrity Apprentice? Really?  Sorry girls I can’t help myself.  This current season  is Crazy Good!  It’s kind of like Celebrity Rehab except Donald Trump is the boss of this loony bin where the mental patients are competing to win money for their favorite charity!  David Cassidy can’t stop taking cigarette breaks.  Dionne Warwick  is just  cranky and could play Madea’s mad black woman sister in Tyler Perry’s next film. Richard Hatch  is the most boring gay man ever.  At least it was interesting when he was the naked guy on Survivor. He should turn in his gay card!  Lisa Rinna showed us that nice girls with injectable don’t make it.  Gary Busey, well, just crazy. Meatloaf? Anger management. LaToya Jackson? I must admit it’s the first time I actually felt sorry for her. There are the few nice, sane people like Marlee Matlin, John Rich, Lil John, Mark McGrath, Hope Dworacyzk, Model Niki Taylor and baseball  hottie Jose Canseco. They are the glue that keeps this insane asylum together.  Many have already been fired by Trump but the drama is getting hotter! The Divas are getting ready to throw it down! Girl! I saved the best for last! Ex The View host, lawyer, and new author of Stan’s Sisters Star Jones VS  my favorite Real Housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes. I want a front row seat for this match!

I’m outing myself   as a Celebrity Apprentice  addict because the dish is getting so delicious. NeNe last week called LaToya “Casper the Ghost”, oh no she didn’t, and  LaToya was voted off last night because of Star Jones who strategically brought NeNe into the boardroom to make sure LaToya would be fired.  It worked. Afterwards NeNe more or less told Star to have a heart and remember this is for charity .   This morning on Today, LaToya told Anne Curry that Star Jones is evil. Twitter blew up last night with scathing remarks about Star.  Twitter followers all agreed that Star should have been fired and to tell the truth I’ve never read the word Bitch more times in a row than I did on Twitter after the broadcast.  My favorite tweet was “An Amber Alert has been issued for Star Jones neck.” Girl!


Now even if you haven’t watched, you must  tune in this Sunday on NBC at 9 pm to see NeNe hand Star her new and improved skinny ass.  Donald Trump made a comment about Stars weight loss because NeNe told Trump that the other girls are scared of Star and “Crawling up her ass!” Trump said “Well it’s better now that Star has lost all that weight.” Honey this is must see TV!

The preview this week has NeNe just going after Star! Comments like “Star, where is Barbra Walters now?” Star simply responds “This isn’t the Real Housewife’s!” Ding! Round one!  Who will win? I don’t know.  I love NeNe! I’m from the south and she reminds me  of some of my favorite Bff’s from high school!  She’s real and tells it like it is.  Star Jones is wicked smart, well-spoken  and strategically controlled. It also depends if the girls win the task. If so, no girls will be fired.  I personally hope that happens.  It will give us a few more weeks of good Sunday night dish! I’m team NeNe! Sorry Star! Have to vote for my home girl! LaToya call me if you need to talk!






“WILL WORK FOR SHOES?” Well of course, I thought to myself, when my friend June Miller Richards, CEO & Founder of 6 Degrees of June, said “Harvey have you heard of Susan J. Ashbrook?” June is a fabulous BFF who arranged for me to be a celebrity panelist for an Angeleno Magazine event for Westfield Malls in Los Angeles alongside the fabulous MS. Ashbrook.  I’ve known of Susan for several years as the visionary woman who is credited for really creating the RED CARPET protocols that we know and love today. Not that dresses weren’t worn by celebrities in the past, they were. But the modern  starlet phenomena that we see at every major celebrity event? That’s Susan! I must see the Red Carpet coverage on E! before all Hollywood award shows! Who’s wearing what by whom? It’s a Stylist’s dream!  Susan has penned her experience in the fabulous book “WILL WORK FOR SHOES”-THE BUSINESS BEHIND RED CARPET PRODUCT PLACEMENT. I love this book , not only for the dish, but for how Susan is helping others to create successful products and businesses.  Her book is a literal “HOW TO” get huge, powerful exposure for your brand by harnessing the star power of celebrities! I receive emails weekly from women who are launching products and services in search of advice about how to be successful. If you’re searching for ways to build your dream business,  you must get this book!


Susan shows you how to:

* Get your product on the body or in the hands of a celebrity. Love it!

* Execute a celebrity marketing campaign for next to nothing!

* Prepare for the attention and increased demand when you have a celebrity hit!

Anya Sarre, HEAD FASHION STYLIST, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT AND THE INSIDER said “Susan Ashbrook was the PIONeer in celebrity dressing! Susan’s look behind the curtain of celebrities and fashion makes her book a must read for everyone!”

It’s a fast fabulous read!

Will I work for shoes? I know you already know the answer to that my pretties!

See you on the red carpet!



Tech Etiquette Thomas Farley To The Rescue!


Touchscreen smartphone with cloud of colorful application icons isolated on white background

Okay girls! Fasten your seat belts!  I’ve got a big gay bee in my Alexander McQueen bonnet!  When did the world become one big living room?  I’m in an airport trying to relax before getting on a plane.  I have my favorite magazines and Smart Water ready for my 5 hour flight.  I decide to start with Allure magazine to get my beauty fix prior to boarding.  I lean back, take a big breath and open the magazine to see what Editor Linda Wells is telling me I can’t live without.  Love Linda!  I’ve never missed a single issue of Allure.

All of the sudden I look up and see this woman walking down the concourse screaming into her cell phone.  I roll my eyes and  then go back to my relaxing magazine.  Her voice is getting louder and closer.  And closer.  Yes, Miss Big Mouth decides that the seat beside me is where she’ll continue screaming into her cell phone.  She also has so many TUMI carry on bags that she could open up her own luggage  shop right where we’re sitting.  Still screaming as she sits , she bangs me with two of those bags.  She doesn’t say ,”Excuse me”, so I shoot her a look that says, “Queen,  don’t step on my last nerve and interrupt my Allure time!”  She’s oblivious.  I think she’s yelling at her husband because I hear “THE KIDS”…..VAGINAL DRYNESS”…..YOUR MOTHER!”  This might as well be her living room at home.  Technology has removed so many barriers to communicating with the world.  That’s great! Unfortunately it has also done away with certain respectful boundaries and manners that keep us civilized.  What to do?  I know!  I’ll call Thomas Farley!  Mister Manners himself.  His book, Modern manners: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Social Graces, is a must have in navigating today’s ultra-expressive social media world.  Get the book!


Thomas is beyond fabulous!  He was originally creator and editor of Town & Country Magazines column “Social Graces” which grew into his best seller  Modern Manners.  He’s also the founder and producer of New York Insider TV.  His take on people, special events and current issues keeps me in the know!  If it’s happening, Thomas knows about it and keeps us up to date.  I also give him the “Best TV Hair Award!”  Curly locks to die for!  His next book “Please Check Your Blackberry At The Door” is coming soon!  When I spoke with the charming Thomas, he said, “Harvey,  I hear this all the time!  Technology is new and always changing so people are navigating this new area of manners.

Here are a few tech social graces to consider:

* Just try to keep your voice down- people have a tendency to enter their own personal worlds on the phone and they forget how loud they are.  Especially in noisy places.

*Know when to simply put the phone away- movie theaters and the cash register at your local Starbucks for starters.  Also there’s nothing more annoying than standing in a crowded elevator with someone just blabbing away!

*What about just hanging out with someone?-Putting your phone on the table like it’s another guest is a no-no.  It’s like your saying “You’re not interesting enough to hold my attention for our entire lunch.”

*Vibrate is always appropriate-it minimizes the disturbance when you receive calls.  Finally, Thomas said, “Always remember  people are more important than devices.  If you follow that rule, you can probably solve 90 % of etiquette when it comes to Tech social graces!”  Thanks Thomas!  You’re amazing!  I have one piece of advice as well knowing you girls the way I do!  If you’re PMSing and your cell phone rings, look at the caller ID first before answering.  If it’s someone that your hormones are going to let “have it”,  let voice mail take it.  It will save you some “I’m sorry” the next day!

Don’t text and drive Gorgeous!  I want you safe!