Primer! Another quasi cosmetic-skin care hybrid that contains skincare ingredients but formulated to stay on top of the skin to improve makeup wear. This category at first glance looks easy but it’s not. I’m super picky about primer because so many can break you out or make makeup application harder! Crazy I know!

Primer is also another reason I decided to introduce my own brand. The following are my best picks to perfect skin prior to makeup application. Primers may be worn with or without foundation allowing your color products to apply easier and wear all day!\




This VELVETY gel elixir disguises pores and fine lines in seconds. Smoothed on with or without foundation, Harvey’s formula dries to a soft age defying matte finish, keeping your makeup flawless all day. Great worn alone for makeup free Saturdays. Perfect for all skin types! For a sun-kissed glow choose our Radiance Primer – same great formula with a hint of color!



Lock your shadow and lipstick in place all-day! This double-duty primer keeps eye shadow from creasing and lip color from feathering. The creamy formula evens out eye lid color & lip texture for beautiful color application.



Superprimer Face Primer – Colour Corrects Redness

This lightweight, oil-free primer helps create a smooth, even canvas for foundation. It color corrects for a range of complexion concerns, especially redness, so makeup glides on evenly and stays true for a neutral, even start.


Bobbi Brown

Skin Smoothing Pore Perfector

Smooth skin and minimize the look of pores with Bobbi Brown’s new Skin Smoothing Pore Perfector. This multiaction formula helps to reduce the appearance of visible pores, uneven skin texture, and excess oil over time. Visible pores can be a struggle for any skin, and this new skin perfector will not only blur the complexion, but also primes it for effortless foundation and concealer applications. Formulated with algae extract, glucosamine, and a unique blend of powder, it leaves skin looking smooth, even, and poreless while feeling natural and fresh.



Stay All Day® 10-In-One HD Illuminating Beauty Balm

 Broad Spectrum SPF 30

I know this is a BB but it works great as a primer!

Lighten up! Add a touch of illumination with this revolutionary, oil-free formula that uses the smallest particle of coated pigments for seamless, smooth coverage. Ideal for all skin types and skintones, this beauty balm gives skin a lit-from-within glow. SPF


I hope this helps everyone get primed! If there’s a fab primer you love let me know! Also if you want to share any priming tips I’d love to hear those too!!!



OMG! Harvey Goes Back Into The Closet!


Beautiful girl thinking what to dress in walk-in closet

Well . . . not really, but I knew it would get your attention!  Before I give you my Spring Fashion Preview , we have to do spring cleaning!  Yes Girls.  As your Cyber Main Gay it’s my duty to tell you that it’s time to go into your closets and do the inventory to make space for spring.  Knowing my girls, as I do, I know that some of you are ready to deal with it, while others are afraid because they haven’t done away with anything since junior high!  Sorry I can’t be there to be your clothes Nazi, but here’s some advice to get you through it.

  1. Ask a friend to help you make the hard decisions! – Get your local main gay or a girl friend who is not an enabler to help you sort through your clothes and make decisions about what stays and what goes! This includes all your clothes, shoes, and accessories.  Don’t hold anything back!
  1. Set the criteria low for letting go of your clothes! – This is the hardest part, but when you are done you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders!

* Size Range – Decide a range of sizes that suits your body throughout the year.  And no I don’t mean 4 up to 12!  It’s reasonable to keep a range of sizes, for example if you are a 4, keep up to 6 just in case.  Any larger and you’re just an box of Oreos away from being a 12 again.  The only exception is when designer sizes are funny.  A Calvin 6 may be a Ralph 8. Don’t cheat here!  The clothes Gods are watching!

* Current Condition of Clothes –  Are sweaters peeling?  Has a garment faded or stretched out?  I’m sorry if it’s your favorite but it has to go.  Shoes that looked like they’ve walked a million miles. Toss them!  Clothes that are from the 80’s or 90’s?  I’m not talking great vintage, I’m talking shoulder pads from the TV show Dynasty!  Stop whining, they have to go.  Clothes with sales tags that have sat in your closet for a year?  Gotta go.  You’re not going to wear it!

* Sentimental Clothes – The Christmas sweater Grandma knitted you, the horrible bejeweled blouse your Mother-in-law gave you!  The logo polo shirts from sales meetings.  Your wedding gown.  Your cheerleader uniform.  They have a place and it’s called storage.  Wrap them in tissue and put them in the attic or basement.  It frees up space for new fabulousness!

  1. Bring large, extra strength trash bags to your closet to handle the discards and hangers! Buy hangers that match and yes I am Mommy Dearest! NO WIRE HANGERS!!!  EVER!!!!
  1. Clothes that have to go! – make 2 piles! 1 pile for clothes to go to your favorite charity, for people who really need your clothes, and a pile for consignment stores. You can get a return on your investment buy selling your better designer pieces. You never know, it could buy you that must have Chloe bag for spring!  Pack them up and send them on their way!  Most good consignment stores will have you sign a contract.  They normally keep 20% of the sale.

The hard part is done and now your closet is ready for you to build a wardrobe that is current and suits who you are today.  Yes Gorgeous!  It’s time to shop!   In one of my next columns I’ll give some advice on building a stress-free foundational wardrobe!

Come out of the closet!



Harvey Writes a Book!


Well Ladies, finally after 4 years of  blood, sweat, tears, boxes of Wheat Thins, and gobs of waterproof mascara, my book is finally launching! “blush: the unbelievably absurd diary of a gay beauty junkie” is now available!

In my next column I’ll give you all the dish on the book! But first girls, grab your favorite cocktail and read this! Oh, if you haven’t heard, check out SKINNY GIRL! Fab line of cocktails and wine that won’t make you calorie guilty!

So, I’m at a cocktail party with fabulous girls, where you know I get all my best ideas, and a woman with a dirty martini in hand says to me, “Congratulations on your book! You know Harvey, I think I should write a book about my life because it’s probably as twisted as yours!” In that moment I went into a magical dream sequence! You know when that happens on TV and the screen goes wavey and there’s some musical interlude that lets you know we’re leaving the present to venture to the unknown? The Twilight Zone?

I’m suddenly transported to New York City, sitting, looking out of my apartment window, typing away on my laptop about She Dragons, Man Drama and Lipstick. Yes ladies, I’ve now become “Harvey Bradshaw”, aka the “Gay Carrie Bradshaw” from Sex and the City! I adore Sara  Jessica Parker! Look at me! I immediately want to call Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda to meet for Cosmopolitans but I’m snapped back to the moment by the same  woman snapping her fingers in front of my face, asking  “HARVEY? WHERE ARE YOU??? I have a fashion emergency and I need your advice! What’s your favorite body smoother? Spanx or Yummy Tummy?”

In the cab going home I start to channel Carrie Bradshaw again. You know when she types the question into her laptop that lets us know what the Sex and the City episode will be about? Well the question I typed in my mind was “If we all think that our life would make a great story, how do I write and publish a book?” After my 4 year adventure I can now give you some shortcuts. First let me say that it’s not the way you imagine it! So Gorgeous, with the millions of fab women I know, I bet you might be asking the same question! Since your Cyber Main Gay always wants to help you with any or all of your endeavors, let me give you a short cut based on my experience!


  1. The only way you can write a book is to sit down at your computer and write! I know that might sound strange but you have to physically sit down every day and write. Schedule your writing time the way you do everything else in your life! I joined a Library so that I could have a place to go to make me more accountable. This is where Carrie Bradshaw and I differ. If I’m at home, I’ll do everything thing else to avoid writing. Plus the potato chips are more easily accessible in the kitchen cabinet when I’m at home. The library doesn’t like all that crunching so it saved my waistline!
  1. Don’t edit until you’ve finished telling the story! Whether you are producing nonfiction memoir based writing as I have or an incredible fiction piece you dreamed up in your mind! Finish telling the whole story and produce version 1 of your manuscript! Trust me on this! My book took 22 versions before it was finally published! The writing process will require editing later by a professional who can see your manuscript with fresh eyes! I have a friend who’s been working on the same book for 12 years! Save yourself the stress.

3.Research and decide how you want to publish your manuscript! I saved this till number three because I want you to use all of your creative energy writing. It’s not easy and you have to stay focused and persevere! Now that you have produced your first manuscript it time to think about how to get it out there. Don’t be afraid! The big question is “Do I write a book proposal, find a Literary Agent, and have them submit to publishers? OR Do I self-publish? My advice is to pursue both. You never know! I was beyond lucky because I met Jillian Manus, who owns her own Literary agency, at a Charity gala she was hosting that I was covering for Betty Confidential! With her amazing guidance, we decided that I should self-publish because of the time it takes to get a book to market! Unless your Lady Gaga! Although publishers were interested I didn’t want to wait 18 months! It’s a personal decision. Here’s a link to Jillian’s site that is packed full of info on agents, book proposals and everything publishing to help  you  make the right decision for your manuscript! Also, a link on how to self-publish as I did so you can get started!

  1. Create a platform for yourself starting today! Whether you decide to go the traditional route or self-publishing you have to promote yourself! Publishers first question will be “How many books could be sold today if we publish it?” Start a blog! Blog about you and your subject! I thank my lucky gay stars for Betty Confidential! Create your own web site! It’s easier and more affordable than you think! Social media is critical to your success! Facebook will change from the place of seeing your crazy cat pics to a place where people can connect to find out what you’re doing and hopefully build interest in your book. Sign up for all things social media! Especially Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and google +. You must have a way to get your book out there!
  1. Realize that if you’re writing and publishing a book, then everyone you know is doing it too through you! This journey is personal and full of unknowns! This will be all you will think and speak about for quite a while! Your friends and family will be on this roller coaster with you so please try to remember that they are not doing this. You are. Without Jason, Kathy, Kaycee, Andy,Allyson, Diana,Michealene, Rich, PJ, April, Deborah, Shaun, Norma, Philip, Stephanie, Oreo the wonder dog and a host of other special angels I couldn’t have done this. When things get crazy…and they will….know that their friendships are the most important thing you have.

Okay gorgeous! Get writing. Look for my next column on my juicy book next week! It’s the perfect hot summer read!!!

See you at the book club!